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The Work of the Maud Powell Society

Educational programs

            Annual Maud Powell Arts Celebration,
Peru, Illinois, 1995 -- 2017
            Music and Your Child, for parents

            Maud Powell, An American Legend (PowerPoint presentation)
            Marion Scott and the March of the Women
            Presentations on women composers and more
            Maud Powell String Quartet (
Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra, Elgin, Illinois)
            Maud Powell Sesquicentennial Celebrations/Commemorations



            Personal Conferences with writers whose subject is women in music

Existing publications

            Maud Powell Favorites (sheet music collection of MP’s transcriptions, etc.) (1999-2009)
            Maud Powell, Pioneer American Violinist (definitive biography) (1988)

            Maud Powell, Legendary American Violinist (children’s book) (1994)

            Maud Powell, The Complete Recordings, Vols. 1-4,
Naxos (2001-04)
            Maud Powell Signature, Vol. I, Nos. 1-4; Vol. II, No. 1 (1995-97)
            Rachel Barton Pine’s “American Virtuosa, Tribute to Maud Powell,” Cedille label (2007)
            "Our Maud Powell" Documentary on Film by Paul D. Butler (Ebenim Media Production, 2017)

Ongoing publications

            Signature, Women in Music magazine (published online 2008 – )
            Women in Music series of books for young readers

            Maud Powell Society web site,
            MP Society Friends Newsletter “Souvenir” (annually)

Current projects

            Elinor Remick Warren (children’s book)
            Maud Powell, An American Legend (PowerPoint presentation) (CD-R for schools)

            Maud Powell biography 2d edition

            Develop Music and Your Child program

            Maud Powell’s collected writings

            Marion Scott’s collected writings

Permanent exhibits

Nicholas R. Brewer oil portrait of Maud Powell, 1918, National Portrait Gallery (permanent collection) (2001-02)          
Maud Powell statue,
Peru, Illinois (1995)
Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame (2002)
LaSalle County Historical Museum, Utica, Illinois

Commemorative recitals / events / exhibits

Archive / Library





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