An Invitation to All Violinists Everywhere (not just the U.S.) -

Do you want to celebrate America's first great master of the violin by giving a concert tribute to Maud Powell? Other violinists have done it - look for Concert Tributes when you click on Commemorations . Also view suggestions on our page Celebrate Maud Powell's 150th.  No specific format or program - recital, chamber music (Maud Powell formed her own quartet and trio), or concerto with orchestra. No need for an anniversary date to celebrate. Maud Powell played nearly everywhere so it is appropriate to celebrate her achievements and contributions to music just about anywhere. She was probably in your community. Look at Maud Powell's Tour Schedule.  We can check our files for reviews. There are all sorts of Maud Powell anniversary dates to celebrate -- and we have now published a sheet music collection of her transcriptions and music dedicated to her as Maud Powell Favorites. You can hear some of this music on Rachel Barton Pine's wonderful CD -- American Virtuosa, Tribute to Maud Powell, released by Cedille in 2007.

Maud Powell's Sesquicentennial (150th birthday) i2017-2018.

2020 is the 100th anniversary of her death. (Maud Powell, 1867-1920).

Here are some other historic anniversaries to mark on your calendars:

125th Anniversary of her premiere of the Tchaikovsky violin concerto in America (1889) - 2014

120th Anniversary of her New York premiere of the Dvorák violin concerto (1893-1894) - 2013-2014.

100th Anniversary of her world premiere of the Coleridge-Taylor violin concerto (1912) - 2012.

110th Anniversary of her premiere of the Sibelius violin concerto in America (1906) -- 2016.

Have you thought about playing Maud Powell's cadenza for the Brahms violin concerto? Violinists Rhonda Frascotti, Rachel Barton Pine and Amy Beth Horman perform it. You can too. It is published in Maud Powell Favorites.

Don't forget to include a Master Class for young musicians in your tribute plans!

Just Contact us and we will do what we can to assist you in planning your tribute.

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