Maud Powell tucked her violin under her chin and touched with its quivering strings almost every octave in the unuttered language of the human heart.
                  -Review, Charleston, West Virginia

Georg Gemunder, New York, 1869

Petrus Guarnerius
Chosen for Maud Powell by
Joseph Joachim, circa 1885;
Sold to Carl Venth, violinist/
conductor in Ft. Worth, Texas,


Maud Powell with her Guadagnini

Joseph Guarnerius del Gesu,
1731, ex Mayseder
Purchased from Hill & Sons,
London, 1903; sold 1907
Now in the collection of the Juilliard

Take care of yourself . . . but don't forget to take care of your instrument. It will reward you for your pains. Treat it like a tender human being, and invite its soul -- and your own.
--Maud Powell

Yehudi Menuhin with
Maud Powell's Guadagnini, 1988

Joseph Rocca, Genoa, 1856
Purchased from J. & A. Beare, London, May 1905

Giovanni Baptista Guadagnini, Turin, 1775 (label)
Maud Powell's favorite violin
Purchased from Oswald Schilbach, New York, 1907;
eventually sold to Henry Ford and now a part of the collections of the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

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