Maud Powell on tour (1915 - 17) with her pianist Arthur Loesser (middle)

Recognizing that Maud Powell's performance history is of significant interest to musicians, -- Maud Powell programs and reviews will appear on this page on a rotating basis.

Maud Powell pioneered the violin recital in America. She gave thousands of recitals throughout North America. Her programs were designed to be educational, uplifting and entertaining. Maud Powell pioneered the use of program notes for recital programs. She wrote them primarily to help less sophisticated audiences understand and enjoy the music she offered them. At a time when orchestras were few, Powell included concerti as well as sonatas in her recital programs in order to introduce the public to literature they might not otherwise hear. Her recitals frequently included works by American composers. You can find a detailed explanation of Maud Powell's approach to programming for recitals and also read excerpts from many of her program notes in Maud Powell Favorites, Volume I.

"I never play down to an audience."
--Maud Powell

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