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Maud Powell Favorites

Transform your recitals!

Here is the new edition of rare violin masterworks that you have been waiting for:

Maud Powell's transcriptions
Maud Powell's Brahms Concerto Cadenza
Music dedicated to, commissioned by or closely associated with Maud Powell

Bonus:  CD sampler of selections from Rachel Barton Pine's American Virtuosa, Tribute to Maud Powell.

Click here for More Information that you will find on Rachel Barton Pine's web site under her "Shop" page.

Read Laurie Niles' interview of Rachel Barton Pine about Maud Powell Favorites on Violinist.com

The Definitive Biography of Maud Powell
 -- now superseded by the New, Revised Edition

Maud Powell, Pioneer American Violinist, by Karen A. Shaffer and Neva Garner Greenwood, (Ames, IA: Iowa State University Press, 1988).The definitive biography of Maud Powell.  Out of Print but a few copies are available from the Maud Powell Society upon inquiry.  Also available in libraries and occasionally on used book web sites.

 "[Maud Powell] has inspired a remarkable book...she herself has been well served by this very able biography, a meticulous memoir of the life and times of a loyal and truly gallant woman."
Robert Lewin, The Strad

"... a masterpiece of scholarship but also a very readable book.... A very warm, vibrant personality comes out of these pages."
Joseph McLellan, Washington Post critic, on WETA-FM

"The book will be appreciated by music lovers all over the country. As a document to the art of violin playing, it is first-rate."
              --Joseph Gingold, Late Violinist and Teacher

"... an absolutely masterful job of research and writing, a real tour de force."
Martin Bookspan, Music Commentator, Author 

Maud Powell's Story for Young Readers

Maud Powell, Legendary American Violinist, by Karen A. Shaffer (Arlington, VA: MPF Publications, 1994). This children's book focuses on Maud Powell's early years growing up in Illinois studying the violin and the challenges she faced on her journey to becoming a great violinist. It includes Maud Powell's "Ten Practice Rules."

This is the first in our Women in Music Children's Book Series designed to provide good female role models for children, both girls and boys, and to inspire girls especially to recognize and explore their own gifts and have the courage to follow their dreams.

20 pages, 14 photos, soft cover. Children's book, ages 8-12.

Click here to Order from the Maud Powell Society. $6.00 each plus $5.00 total for U.S. shipping for 1-5 books.

"Karen Shaffer has compiled a wonderful children's book. It is a delightful and inspiring portrait of Maud Powell, a great woman whose courage, artistry and actions helped shape the course of American history. I feel the book will be an inspiration to all children to follow their dreams."
           --Theresa Hutchinson, Educator/American Materials The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Maud Powell's Historic Recordings

Maud Powell, The Complete Recordings (1904-1917), Naxos Historical Series of Great Violinists, 4 Volumes. The exciting reissue of historic recordings by Maud Powell, the first solo instrumentalist to record for Victor's Celebrity Artist Series. International critical acclaim.

"Powell's performances are the type of playing that may bring tears to you eyes, going straight to the heart and soul of the music and resonating with whatever you find inside yourself....The music becomes a living thing in performances this good: breathing and moving and dancing right in front of you and commanding your attention. It will get to you and you will feel it. What more needs to be said? Bravo to Naxos for making these recordings available....a 'must-have.'"
-Bradley P. Lehman

"A number of her recordings fit on two CDs, beautifully re-mastered by Ward Marston... She plays with incredible verve, pointedly "clean" technique, impeccable intonation, and none of the mannerisms found on recordings by great European violinists of the time."
Turok's Choice, April 2002

MORE REVIEWS (PDF)                    

Reviews of The Art of Maud Powell (1989 reissue by MPF)

Availability:  Now available in the United States through The Maud Powell Society.  $15 per CD, including U.S. postage.  Order now
For a complete list of contents, liner notes, reviews, and for orders from anywhere other than the United States, click on
and search for the CDs by catalog number in the Catalogue Search box or search by artist. Also available online through www.amazon.com and other amazon web sites worldwide.


The Maud Powell Signature, Women in Music magazine

A free online magazine featuring the contributions and achievements of women in classical music worldwide.  Both contemporary and historical figures are featured. A special children's corner makes each issue exciting, fun and interesting to all ages.  Backed by an international line-up of writers, Signature brings to light the achievements of women as composers, performers, conductors, educators, patrons, music historians, musicologists.  We invite you to learn more about Signature and to read the latest online issue and delve into back issues by clicking here.  You will be surprised by what you find there!


American Virtuosa, Tribute to Maud Powell

Violinist Rachel Barton Pine with Matthew Hagle, piano
CD featuring music from Maud Powell Favorites, Cedille Records CDR 90000 097
Now available from The Maud Powell Society   $17.00, including U.S. postage
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Also available through Cedille at

Visit Rachel's website at www.rachelbartonpine.com

"Rachel Barton Pine (admirably accompanied -- and where required sounding truly orchestral -- by Mathew Hagle) set out her stall with fine playing, commanding technical skill and stylish phrasing.  Her warmth of tone, impish humour and fiery passion keep this highly enjoyable recital on the move.  I could not switch it off."      -- Christopher Fifield, The Music Web, July 24, 2007

"In this tribute to the great American violinist Maud Powell, Rachel Barton Pine achieves her goal, opening our ears to unfamiliar masterworks, outstanding arrangements and an important piece of American history that many of us know little about."      -- Julie Amacher, Minnesota Public Radio, July 3, 2007

"a brilliantly played and vibrantly recorded collection . . . substantilally enhanced by Ms. Pine's introduction, and still more by Karen Shaffer's extended notes, with enlightening backgound on every piece.  This is an elegant production in every respect."        -- Richard Freed

"Musically rewarding and historically interesting, American Virtuosa will be a fine addition to the shelf of anyone who enjoys great violin playing, and to the library of anyone interested in the history of American music.  It illuminates a time we rarely think about any more when we think about the arts in America.  Brava Maud Powell, and Brava Rachel Barton Pine for bringing her back to life."  -- Jon Sobel, November 13, 2007

Maud Powell Inspirations -- for young and old

Maud Powell Photo Souvenir
on 8.5 x 11 card stock suitable for framing

Maud Powell's Ten Practice Rules
on 8.5 x 11 card stock suitable for framing
Two styles:  with Maud's silhouette logo or with photos of Maud Powell

Price:  $4.00 each, plus $4.00 total shipping for up to 3 to U.S. destinations

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Maud Powell T-shirts -- OUT OF STOCK

High quality, all cotton, purple in color with Maud Powell silhouette logo in cream
Includes quotation from a critic:
"The arm of a man, the heart of a woman, the head of an artist"
which Maud Powell used for her logo.
Large or medium sizes; purple color only






Selections from Maud Powell Favorites have been recorded by Rachel Barton Pine on her CD American Virtuosa, Tribute to Maud Powell, which is also available through the Maud Powell Society.  To hear excerpts from her recording, scroll down this page to the CD cover. 


















Volume One
Naxos 8.110961

Volume Two
Naxos 8.110962

Volume Three
Naxos 8.110963

Volume Four
Naxos 8.110993





















Click on the picture of the album cover to listen to excerpts from Rachel's CD, view the contents, and read more rave reviews.








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