Maud Powell Presentations in Schools and Colleges
Lively presentations about Maud Powell's life and art to students of all ages,
tailored to the specific audience. Enriched with slides,
recordings, handouts. Presenter: Karen A. Shaffer, Powell's biographer.

Teachers and musicians are invited to make Maud Powell presentations
to primary and intermediate school children in their own communities.
The Maud Powell children's book is available for this purpose
and other resources which we can provide.
For the story of one teacher's experiences, click on the photograph.

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Living History Recitals --
a violinist introduces and performs a program representative of Maud Powell's educational and entertaining approach to giving recitals before audiences widely varying in sophistication at the turn of the century. Introduces modern audiences to violin music and an important and colorful part of America's cultural history. A number of distinguished violinists, including Rachel Barton, Amy Beth Horman, and Elizabeth Reed Smith currently do this and others are encouraged to create these programs with our assistance. May be coupled with commentary or pre-concert remarks by Powell biographer Karen Shaffer.

Music History Lectures/Presentations to students at all levels (primary school to college) are offered by Powell biographer Karen A. Shaffer on a variety of topics embracing Maud Powell, the Powell family, women in music, the violin tradition and American music history. Maud Powell Signature Editor Pamela Blevins presents programs on women composers and performers as well as the British composer/poet Ivor Gurney and Marion Scott, British musicologist, Beethoven biographer, violinist, lecturer, critic, champion of British composers, and founder of the Society of Women Musicians in London. 

Sample lecture topics include:

Multi-media presentation: Maud Powell, The Path to Self-Fulfillment 
The Creative Genius of Women and Its Public Expression
Between Song and Symphony, The Violin Virtuoso in American History
Silent Destiny: The Woman Composer
Silent No More: Women Composers
The Spiritual Voice of Women Composers
Women, War and Words: Three American Women in World War I
Elinor Remick Warren, American Composer
Marion Scott: Chronicler of the British Music Renaissance (1900-1945)


Music and Your Child Seminars/Lectures

for parents interested in learning about the importance of music as a positive force
in the lives of their children. In informal sessions, we explore the role of music in our lives
and its influence on all aspects of our being ---
emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual states as well as its role in healing,
in shaping character, in recreation and relaxation,
in enhancing learning, and in stimulating the imagination and creativity.
These programs feature selections of recorded music,
handouts of printed material for participants and a home education packet.

Many of the problems in our educational system that affect our children could be resolved if music and the arts were given high priority in the curriculum. However, a vast number of school boards throughout the United States have either dramatically cut these programs or removed them entirely from the curriculum. This seminar helps to empower parents to reverse these tragic decisions and educate others on the importance of restoring and expanding these vital programs.

Scheduled upon request. Content tailored to needs of the participants.

Music in Education

We are open to working with teachers to enable them to integrate music into the teaching of academic subjects.

Teaching Tools - Various time-lines and other informational hand-out sheets linking Maud Powell with her contemporaries in the arts and developments in music institutions, the women's movement and in science & technology are available

The Maud Powell Archive
Signature: Women in Music Magazine

Maud Powell, a moving one-woman play by actress, playwright Louise Schroader Epperson,
who performs this absorbing depiction of Maud Powell's
for a variety
of  audiences. Performances scheduled upon request.

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