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PAMELA BLEVINS, The Maud Powell Society's Secretary/Treasurer, is a writer, photographer, and
explorer of music, a
rt, poetry and Scotland. Biographer of Ivor Gurney and Marion Scott: Song of Pain and Beauty (The Boydell Press, London, 2008); writer and lecturer on a diverse gallery of composers, poets, artists, writers, and adventurers.  Pioneer in studies of women in classical music. Co-founder and Editor of Signature: Women in Music magazine.  Author of Beyond the Hand of God, a true account of an 1860 poison murder in Massachusetts. Currently writing Murder in the Birches (working title only), the 1936 murder of Grayce Asquith also in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

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Current Writings

                             "Lust, Seduction, & Murder in Massachusetts"
                                                  Beyond the Hand of God

When I was the editor of the local newspaper in Weymouth, Massachusetts, I wrote a series of feature articles about old murder cases in the town  -- The Maria Bickford Case in 1845; The George Hersey case in 1860, and The Grayce Asquith case in 1936. We published these stories in an old-fashioned serial form. Each time we featured one, every edition of the newspaper sold out.

Clearly, Weymouth had a rather dispiriting history of notorious murders for each one was indeed notorious. The two 19th century crimes were so famous that both were included in an 1870 book about famous murders in the world!  In the early 1990s, I decided that it was time for me to expand accounts of two of these crimes into a book. I began with the Hersey case and had written three chapters when another major writing project grabbed me – a full length biography of two prominent figures in early 20th century English music. Music had replaced murder until a later date.  That later date was a long time in coming, some twenty-three years to be exact.  I finally returned to the book in February 2016 at the prompting of friends. Now that Beyond the Hand of God (-- subtitled “Lust, Seduction and Murder in Massachusetts”) is finished, I have begun the quest for an agent or a publisher – both would be nice.

For more information about the book, Please Click Here.

In the meantime, I am now working on a book about the Grayce Asquith murder that unfolded piece by piece over a period of several weeks and made headlines across the nation. Newspapers called it “The Hack and Sack Murder.”

Sample Lectures/Talks

Music, Art, Literature (with images & music)

Silent No More: The Woman Composer
The Spiritual Voice of Women Composers
The Songs I Had: Composers in World War I
The Principle of Friendship: The Story of Ivor Gurney, Marion Scott & Herbert Howells
A Meeting of the Muses: Goethe, Angelica Kauffmann & Anna Amalia, the Duchess of
         Saxe-Weimar in Italy
American Rhapsody: Women Composers in America –

         Elinor Remick Warren, Amy Beach & Florence Price
The Legacy of Black Composers –
         Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, William Grant Still & Florence Price
Creating A New Poetic Tradition –
          Lorine Niedecker, Frank Samperi & Thomas A. Clark

Women Who Made A Difference

Ethel Voynich (E.L.V.) – Revolutionary, Novelist, Translator, Composer
Freya Stark – Explorer, Arabist, Traveler Writer, Unofficial Diplomat
Women, War and Words – Women Writers in World War I

The Other Side Of… Series

Poet Sylvia Plath as a visual artist
Playwright August Strindberg as an artist
Philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau as a composer and musician


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