How to Sign Up and Participate

     GOAL:              150 events dedicated to the legendary American violinist Maud Powell

     WHEN:            All during 2017/2018 and annually thereafter

     THEME:           Music is a Bridge that Spans the Universe

     PARTICIPANTS:  All people throughout the world who love music
                                     If you want to know if Maud Powell performed in your city, click to view her tour schedules

     HOW TO PARTICIPATE:    Anyone can participate by dedicating a concert or a performance
                                              of a particular piece of music, or by dedicating a special "event." 
                                               Your "event" can take place anywhere in the world in any venue.
Scroll down this page to Sign Up. 
                                              Then you can place your event on our 150th Events Calendar.

     EVENTS:   Concerts, School Visits by Musicians, Presentations/Lecture-Recitals, Essays, Poetry,
               Works of Art, State History Projects, Exhibits, Compositions, School Projects, and more
               (click here for Program/Event Suggestions)  Highlights from "events" will be appear on our
                "Showcase of Events" page on our web site and
on The Maud Powell Society's Facebook page. 

    DEDICATION:    Specifically dedicate your “event” to Maud Powell.  Simply make a dedication
                              from the stage or in the printed program or in some way appropriate to the nature of your "event."

           Sample Dedication:

             "Tonight's concert is dedicated to Maud Powell, the legendary American violinist who dedicated her life and art
               to serving music and humanity.  Through her art radiated her love for the violin, music and humanity. 

    OUR SUPPORT:    Supportive materials, such as Maud Powell photographs, programs, biographical and tour information, recordings, and children’s books are available from the Maud Powell Society.  Programming ideas as well as suggested units for school presentations will be available on the Maud Powell Society web site. 
        You may send us Highlights from "events" that we can place on our "Showcase of Events" page on our web site and on The Maud Powell Society's Facebook page.  We may place video clips of events on the Maud Powell Society YouTube channel.  Please contact us at:

     HOW TO SIGN UP:      Register using the form below to gain permission to register your event honoring Maud Powell.

     HOW TO REGISTER YOUR EVENT ON OUR EVENTS CALENDAR:  Once you sign up, you will receive a notice that you have signed up but must wait until your registration is accepted.  You will receive a separate email notice whether your registration has been accepted.   Once accepted, then login to this web site using "Login" at the very bottom of the Home page.  It will direct you to  the "150th Events Calendar"page.  There you will find further instructions on how to place your event honoring Maud Powell on our 150th Events Calendar.     

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