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Online publication of The Maud Powell Signature began with Volume II, No. 2 and ended with Volume III, No. 2.  The contents of some previous issues are listed below but the complete list of issues is in the drop-down menu.  To access an issue, click on the cover image or choose the issue number from the drop down menu under Previous Issues.  Currently they are available in pdf format only.

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Volume Two

No. 2
Premiere Online Issue / June 2008 / The March of the Women

From the desk of . . . Daryle Gardner-Bonneau, Sigma Alpha Iota
Editorial -- The March of the Women

Jenny Lind, The Swedish Nightingale by
Leslie Holmes
Women with a Cause, The Creation of the MacDowell Colony by Robin Rausch
Marion Bauer, From the Wild West to New York Modernism by Susan Pickett
Graveyard Stories by Susan Pickett
The Society of Women Musicians, A Major Step Forward in the "March of the Women" by Pamela Blevins
Doreen Carwithen, Breaking Down Barriers by Andrew Palmer

The Children’s Corner

    Amy Beach, "Stealing from the Birds" and other adventures in music by Marie Harris

Cameos of More Women in Music

    Teresa Carreño by Pamela Blevins
    Maud Powell by Karen Shaffer
    Dorothy Gow by John France
    Ethel Smyth by Pamela Blevins

The Learning Center  --  Brighter Women Through Music by Madeline Frank


    Ruth Gipps, an indomitable spirit -- Biography -- by Pamela Blevins
Ethel Smyth -- U.S. premiere of The Wreckers -- by Bill Marsh


Profiles of Contributors

    Daryle Gardner-Bonneau
    Leslie Holmes
    Robin Rausch
    Susan Pickett
    Pamela Blevins
    Andrew Palmer
    Marie Harris


Previous Print Issues

The following five back issues of The Maud Powell Signature are accessible on this web site by clicking on the desired issue. The first five issues of Signature were published in print in 1995–97 and these are now available in easily printable pdf format on this web site.  Online publication began with Volume II, No. 2, June 2008.

Volume One

No. 1   Premiere issue / Summer 1995 / Pioneering Spirit of Women in Music

Signature - Volume I Number 1

Maud Powell, American violinist 
Elinor Remick Warren, American composer
Florence Price, American composer
Hazel Gertrude Kinscella, Educator
Juliette Kang, Canadian violinist
From the desk of . . . Midori, violinist
From the Editor

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No. 2   Fall 1995 / Family Traditions

Signature - Volume I Number 2

Pauline Viardot Garcia, singer, composer, pianist
Maria Garcia Malibran, singer
Louise Héritte Viardot, singer, composer, writer
The Anna Amalies of the Prussian court, composers
Amy, Rose, Melusina Fay, pianists, organizers, educators
Cécile Chaminade, composer, pianist
Julianne McLean, concert

From the desk of . . . Libby Larsen, composer
From the Editor

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No. 3   Winter 1996 / Women and Orchestras, Part 1

Signature - Volume I Number 3

Gisele Ben-Dor, conductor
Ruth Gipps, English composer/conductor
Women and musical instruments in America
The experience of black women as orchestra performers and conductors
16th Century Orchestra of Nuns in Ferrara, Italy
From the desk of . . . Jo Ann Falletta, conductor, Women’s Philharmonic 
From the Editor


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No. 4   Spring/Summer 1996 / Women and Orchestras, Part 2

Signature - Volume I Number 4

Overview of women in orchestras on all levels
A Tribute to Ruth Gipps by Tony Hickson
Virginia Harpham, pioneer principal, 2nd violin section, NSO
Elisabeth Adkins, associate concertmaster, NSO
Ann Hobson Pilot, principal harpist, BSO
Marion Scott, English musicologist, Haydn authority, writer, violinst, champion of women composers and performers in England
“The Vocal Point” – Leslie Holmes’ column on singers
“Have you heard of . . .” -- Anya Laurence’s column
From the desk of . . . Virginia Eskin, pianist, champion of women composers
From the Editor
Letters to the Editor

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Volume Two     

No. 1   April 1997 / Women of Vision

Signature - Volume II Number 1

Princess de Polignac,

Isabella Stewart Gardner,
Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge -- patrons  
Ursula Vaughan Williams, Joy Finzi -- established Trusts
Judith Anne Still, Wm. Grant Still Music
Jeanette Thurber, National Conservatory of Music founder   
Betty Roe, composer, performer, innovator
Marnie Hall, Leonarda recordings  
Yvette Guilbert, La Diseuse     
From the desk of . . . Jeanne Singer
From the Editor

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