Signature Volume II, Number 3    Volume II, Number 3 Autumn 2008 / Lost and Found


Editorial — Lost and Found 

Reflections — Sirens by Diana Ambache

Lest we forget ... Gwynne Kimpton by Marion M. Scott

Elfrida Andrée, The Elevation of Womankind by Susan Pickett

Gena Branscombe,  A successful woman composer by Anya Laurence

Mary Davenport Engberg, Pioneering Conductor by Elizabeth Juliana Knighton

Davenport Engberg & Maud Powell, The Inspiration to Succeed
Karen A. Shaffer

Lilian Elkington, Out of the Mist by David J. Brown

Berta Geissmar, A pioneer in orchestra management by Annemarie Vogt

Alice Mary Smith, “The Steep and Weary Hill” by Ian Graham-Jones

The Discovery of Alice Mary Smith by Ian Graham-Jones

Grace Williams, The Essence of Wales by Pamela Blevins

From Maud Powell’s Scrapbook Teresa Carreño Letter

The Book Shelf


The Children’s Corner
    Rachel Barton Pine, The joy of making music by
Karen A. Shaffer

Profiles of Contributors
    Diana Ambache
    David J. Brown
    Ian Graham-Jones
    Elizabeth Juliana Knighton
    Anya Laurence
    Susan Pickett
    Annemarie Vogt

Cover photos:  clockwise from top left, Elfrida Andrée, Rachel Barton Pine, Gena Branscombe,Lilian Elkington, Berta Geissmar, Mary Davenport Engberg, Alice Mary Smith 

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