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 Signature, Women in Music
explores the contributions of women composers, conductors, performers, patrons of the arts, historians, entrepreneurs, educators, arts administrators and managers, instrument makers, and writers, past and present, from all parts of the world.  Signature also explores the contributions of male musicians who have partnered with or have been influential in the lives of women musicians. 

Signature features articles and columns written by authorities in a compelling and accessible style, richly illustrated with photographs and documents and with information about additional resources--books, recordings and research.  The magazine features resources for educators and scholars, along with a “Children’s Corner” for young people and a regular “Learning Center” column on music in education.

We are interested in subjects and writers that fall within Signature’s above-stated purview. Currently, we would especially like to hear from writers who are knowledgeable about the following subjects:  Siseretta Jones; African-American composers and performers; Hispanic composers and performers. If you have a particular subject you want to propose and/or if you wish to write for Signature, please contact us. Although the magazine’s focus is on women, our writers are both men and women.  We welcome your suggestions and participation. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, although a one-page query is acceptable.

We have a new format for publishing articles.  Go to "New Articles" for further information.

Additional writing requirements can be found in our Guidelines for Contributing Authors.

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